Welcome english-speaking visitors!

At this moment, my webpages are only available in german language. This page is a try to explain the main parts, so that english-speaking visitors also find everything.

Homepage ("Startseite")

The first page of my website.
Here I present one image every week. If you click on it, you'll get to the overview of all title images with detailed informations on vehicle, location and date.

Picture Galleries ("Galerien")

Here you'll find the pictures shown at this website, divided by:

Photo albums by year ("Bilderbögen nach Jahr")
Galleries of at least three pictures, in most cases more, about a specific topic. Sorted by year and month. Here you'll find the majority of this websites pictures.

Some of my favorite shots, which have a special story. This background story is explained for every image.

Title images ("Titelbilder")
The images from the homepage, see above.

Movies ("Filme")
Railroad movies and films I shot and cut with direct links to YouTube. My channel can be found here: Lochris on YouTube.

About me ("Wer ich bin")

A short overview on my person and my photo equipment.

This and that ("Dies und Das")

Some additional information. Most important: If you have any questions, please e-mail me! The address ist webmaster [at] lochris.de (spam protection, please replace [at] with the @-symbol).
Since some people ask me about my nickname "Lochris" - it is a combination of the video game Locomotion by Chris Sawyer and my first name Christian.


A collection of railroad related weblinks, like websites of friends, railroad companies, publishers etc.


Legal notes. Important: All of my images are protected by the copyright and may not be copied or published without my permission. Thank you.
If you are interested in using a photo, please ask me.